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Joe Krebs bio imageJoe Krebs keeps unsolved mysteries in the forefront with his Cold Case Journal.  

Joe’s legal experience has proven useful in his Cold Case reports, which air throughout the year on NBC4 in Washington, D.C.  In these stories, Joe brings attention to unsolved murders in the hopes that investigators might get new leads. 

After one report in 2005, police arrested a suspect who was later convicted for the murder.  You can e-mail Joe at joe.krebs@nbcuni.com.


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  1. I often look at the tv series Cold Case, and it is a series that has often inspired me because for many years even before that series came out I was always trying to do my own little investigation. No I am not a law inforcer or anything like that, but what really got me onto this was way back in March 1975 when two little girls about 10 and 11, the Lyons sisters who suddenly got missing and has not been found. If living they should be about 40 plus. Okay, in past years there have been many persons who were missing were found, some which was very unfortunate deceased, some found alive. I would just for the sake of it, bring this Lyons case up because I feel, and I am thinking like the folks on Cold Case, there is some things that have not been uncovered….for instance they just might be alive. I appreciate you Cold Case Journal, and I hope you continue it.

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